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Mike Banfield

President and Technology Development Officer, is the lead in product development, key account and OEM initiatives. He has 40+ years experience in development and marketing of new biochemical technologies for forestry, agriculture and consumer markets. He has served with several companies as President, Manager and Research Director, and has developed several biologically-based product lines. Mr. Banfield has founded 4 companies focused on the implementation of integrated pest management practices and technology, and holds 7 patents. Mr. Banfield has a B.S., an M.S. in Pest Management, and an MBA from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC.

Jane Banfield

COO, manages company operations. Jane is in charge of all the grants management functions, as well as financial and day to day operations of the company. She has a B.Sc. from University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.

David Sparks

CFO. David is in charge of the Company accounting, financing, MIS and inventory management systems. He is an experienced hands-on financial manager who directed accounting and finances for several privately owned companies with up to $100 mil in annual sales, mainly in manufacturing and distribution industries.

Susan Neal

Office Manager, is in charge of all aspects of office administration, as well as purchasing and procurement. Mrs. Neal has 15+ years experience managing internal office operations.

Lola Corbridge

Production Manager, is in charge of all aspects of manufacturing, inventory, and shipping and receiving functions. Mrs. Corbridge has 18 years experience managing warehouse activities.

Rebecca Heinig

PhD, Head of Research and Development, leads SpringStar’s R&D team and manages the company’s internal and external research projects. She joined SpringStar in 2015 after receiving her PhD in Entomology from the Pennsylvania State University and has over ten years of research experience encompassing a variety of subject areas, including agricultural pest management, plant genetic analysis and malaria mosquito control.

Walter B. Benadof

Global Head of Sales, founded Space Plan International, a commercial real estate company in São Paulo Brazil in 1996, and Mercosul Consulting, an advisory firm focused on sales and marketing for businesses looking to enter and operate in Latin American markets. Walter is working to expand the presence of SpringStar in Latin America to combat the mosquito borne epidemics in tropical regions of Latin America and to expand the sales of all SpringStar products in the US.

Geoffrey Kemble

IT Manager, oversees all aspects of SpringStar's network and website administration. He has an active role in research and development. Mr. Kemble has been with the company for 6 years.