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Proven effective through science

SpringStar develops biologically based products to improve people's lives around the world. learn more
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Full line of non-toxic

highly effective products which control pests inside your home. These products can be counted on to eliminate pests that contaminate your food, damage your clothing, and infest your home – developed and tested by our in-house research team.
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Full line of non-toxic

highly effective products which control pests in your yard and garden. Environmentally safe alternatives which work better than toxic pesticides – made right here in the USA.

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Mosquito control products developed by the US Military

the Center for Disease Control and SpringStar. Only product line available with proven, patented and registered methods to control the mosquitoes that carry Zika, West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, and other now

Outbreak response guide

We can help your community immediately. Click here for pdf

Keep mosquitoes under control,
so viruses don't get out of control.

Our 90+ program = 360 degrees of mosquito control. People who spend 90 minutes in their yard with our products and program, and get 90% of their neighbors involved, will get 90% mosquito control within 90 days. Nothing else does that.
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Vision Statement

SpringStar's vision is to change the way people think about pest control. Developed and tested by our research and design team, SpringStar brings safe, high quality products to your home and garden. Our rigorous product development and testing has created the most complete line of highly effective insect trapping solutions. Springstar's BioCare® and Trap-N-Kill® brands can be counted on to eliminate pests without fear of toxic side effects or damage to the environment - all manufactured right here in the U.S.