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About us

Dedicated to taking pesticides out of Pest Control

The founders of SpringStar, Michael and Jane Banfield have always been concerned about the environmental and health problems caused by the overuse of harmful chemicals and pesticides. They seek out ‘green’ and pesticide-free products whenever possible but found a lack of non-toxic alternatives when it came to pest control products. Mike and Jane decided to start their own company that would provide consumers with the pesticide-free alternatives that so many of us are looking for. In 1998 the Banfields started operating SpringStar out of their garage and since then the company has grown into one of the most innovative developers and basic manufacturers of non-toxic or low-toxic pest control products.

SpringStar, located outside of Seattle, WA, manufactures almost all of their products at their state-of-the-art manufacturing and formulation facilities. Big-name companies typically source their products from overseas, but the Banfields recognized the value of keeping SpringStar’s manufacturing in the US. Not only could they directly oversee production and make sure that the quality of their products was up to their standards, they could also provide jobs to hardworking Washingtonians. Developing local manufacturing has reduced SpringStar’s carbon footprint and allows them to be a more green and sustainable company.

SpringStar's items fill the gap that will be left by the cancellation of many traditional household pesticides. The EPA's risk assessment for the pesticides diazinon and dursban has lead to cancellation of all indoor residential uses of these and other toxicants. SpringStar has selected BioCare as the brand name for its household pest products, as these products are biologically-based and caring for the environment.  Empowering effect, to take care of one's pest problems without endangering one's health.