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BioCare® Spider and Silverfish Trap

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    Contains 6 traps

    The BioCare® Spider and Silverfish Trap can be used for almost any type of predator type spiders found roaming in homes, including Hobo spiders, domestic house spiders, Wolf spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, Parson spiders, Sac spiders and more. Each sticky baited trap will last up to three months under normal conditions. All traps are non-toxic, disposable and easy to handle without touching the trapped spiders. Contains 6 traps.

    Made in USA.

    Spider Facts

    Some spiders cause problems for homeowners by running and wandering through homes. They actively hunt for their prey and rely on their searching abilities and speed to find and catch insects. Unfortunately, these habits can be irritating and annoying. Some of these species can also be aggressive and inflict toxic, painful and slow-healing bites. The Spider Trap imitates an effective hiding space for spiders. Placing traps beside baseboards will catch spiders running along edges searching for insects and mates. Long term use of the Spider Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.

    Easy Instructions

    Fold trap along score lines to form trap. Peel release paper to expose glue. Refold trap and tuck flap in back. Place traps along baseboards, near doorways and in the corners of rooms. Dispose of traps when full or every 3 months. In case of skin contact, use vegetable oil to remove glue. CONTAINS NO TOXINS OR PESTICIDES. BAIT IS IN GLUE.

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