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BioCare® Cockroach Trap

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    Contains 6 traps

    The Professional Strength Cockroach Trap attracts and captures all types of cockroaches. Traps come with a powerful natural attractant to lure roaches onto a sticky glue surface. Traps should be placed along base-boards, under sinks, and near water pipes in warm, dark areas near a food supply. All traps are disposable and under normal conditions will last up to 3 months.

    Made in USA.
    The food based lure attracts cockroaches with the premise of a meal. The stick trap captures them as they try to get close to the lure.

    1) Peel the release paper from the sticky trap.

    2) Open the bait packet. One packet is to be used for Two traps! Pour half of the packet into a line down the center of the trap, staying away from the edges.

    3) Fold the trap into a triangle, putting the tab through the slot.

    4) Place trap where cockroaches have been seen. Best placed in warm spots and along walls.

    5) Clean areas where cockroaches have been seen, and block access holes to prevent new infestations.

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