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BioCare® Apple Maggot Lures

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    Contains 3 lures 

    The BioCare® Apple Maggot trap and lure set have proven effective at reducing apple maggot damage. Flies are attracted by the lures and come to a sticky demise on the juicy-looking apple sphere. Package contains a set of three lures.

    Made in USA.


    Apple Maggots are a type of small fruit fly that attacks apples, blueberries, hawthorn, plums, pears and cherries, causing extensive fruit damage that renders fruit useless. The fly is smaller than a housefly and appears throughout the summer. Most fruits are attacked by flies that lay their eggs during late spring to early summer. Traps should be placed in mid-April, before fruiting, and left out until harvest.

    The SpringStar Apple Maggot trap includes our one-season, controlled-release lure system. Place traps in trees 1 or 2 weeks before bud break, in early spring. Hang the trap 1 to 2 feet inside the tree canopy, near apples. Check for flies every 2 to 3 days and, if necessary, apply additional appropriate treatments to control flies. Re-glue trap when covered with insects, when it becomes dusty or at least every 4 weeks. Lure is still active if there is liquid in the vial.


    1. Assemble red trap spheres. Attach hanger by squeezing the ends together and insert into a hole on the sphere.
    2. Apply warm, slightly melted glue to the entire outside of the sphere with spreader. Spread about a 1/16” thick layer. Insects stick to outside of sphere.
    3. Open lure pouch. Do not open the plastic vial -- attractant is released through the plastic. Attach lure to hanger with twist tie. Hang the trap in your fruit tree. In case of contact, remove excess glue with vegetable oil.


    Use all 3 traps in an orchard.


    Use 2 traps per dwarf tree and 3 traps per large tree.

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