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BioCare® AGO Replacement Glue Boards

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    Contains two glue boards, enough for two traps.

    The AGO Replacement Glue Board lasts for up to 8 weeks or until water becomes rank.

    Discard used Glue Boards in the regular trash.

    Sticky Glue Boards are in sets of 2 facing one another. Pull apart. Insert one Sticky Glue Board in to the trap, with the sticky side facing in to the center.

    Store extra Sticky Glue Boards in a cool dry place by folding in half (glue inside).

    Mosquitoes land on the sticky glue boards either when trying to approach the water in the trap or shortly after being rebuffed.
    Open the AGO chamber and remove the old sticky board. Pull apart the sticky boards with this trap, and insert one into the chamber. Close the chamber and make sure that it is seated firmly in the product lid.

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