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BioCare® Pantry Moth Trap (Unassembled)

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    Contains 2 traps

    The BioCare® Flour & Pantry Moth attracts and captures adult moths such as Indian meal moth, Mediterranean flour moth, almond moth and raisin moth. These insects occur almost everywhere, and are attracted by grains, flour, chocolate & pastas. Traps are non-toxic and safe around food products. Replace every 3 months. Use two traps at a time; they will cover up to 2500 square feet. Contains 2 traps and 2 pheromone lures. Traps are not assembled, release paper protects the glue until use.

    Made in USA.

    Pantry Moth Facts

    The male moths are attracted to the pheromone lure in the trap. When they approach or land near the lure, they are caught by the stick trap. This means they don't contribute to the breeding cycle and reduces the next generation's population level. Too many traps can result in the moths receiving confusing directional cues, which is why we recommend using only 2 traps at a time. Unopened lures will remain fresh for up to a year. Once the lure has been opened, the clock runs. Release paper will likewise protect your sticky until it has been peeled. To speed up treatment, we suggest cleaning where you store your grains, seeds and cereals. Further, sealing them in air tight containers can help to reduce their access to foods and help you end the infestation quicker.

    Easy Instructions

    Peel release paper from sticky trap (in case of contact, remove glue with vegetable oil). Tuck tab to assemble trap. Cut the lure package open. Do not touch the lures, as the moths will be attracted to you. Place one lure on each sticky trap, near the middle of the trap. Use 2 traps at a time; they cover to up 2500 sq. feet. Using more traps tends to confuse the moths, making the traps less effective. Replace every 3 months or sooner if full of moths. It is recommended to keep 2 traps set up until no moths are caught in the traps for at least 6 months before discontinuing use of the traps.

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