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Damsels & Dragons

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Let’s play a game! It’s called Damsels & Dragonflies, and as with all RPGs, it’s important to know your creatures. There are three other types of insect frequently mistaken for dragonflies: damselflies, owlflies, and lacewings. They’re all aerial predators with six legs, a long abdomen, and four wings with net-like venation, but they vary in size, shape, their habits, and their habitats.

Here are some creature cards to help you impress all your friends with your bug ID skills – or set up your next round of tabletop gaming:

Dragonfly Card image

Damelfly card image

Lacewing card image


Unfortunately, these aren’t part of a real game – yet. Next time you’re Dungeon Master, you can use these cards for your world-building!

- Written By Alyssa Branca


Visual guide for dragonflies vs. damselflies (Idaho State University)

Generate your own RPG cards



Owlfly image:

Dragonfly image:

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