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Brown Recluse

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During winter, customers often ask how to get rid of brown recluse spiders in their homes, without using neurotoxin-based sprays.

Good: Unless you live in the American South or southern Midwest, it’s not a brown recluse.
.Brown Recluse Range

Image:  Approximate range of the Brown Recluse

Better: None of the other big brown spiders native to the US are venomous.

Best: Our spider trap is pesticide-free and catches all sorts of spiders – just place them where you’ve seen spiders.


 Why is the
brown recluse
so common?

Brown Recluse

Picture is of a Brown Recluse from the CDC Public Health Image Library (PHIL).
Credit:  CDC/Marget Parsons
ID #1125


Two reasons: most people don't want big spiders in their homes, no matter the species.

 Giant House Spider Wolf Spider
Left:  A giant House Spider Right:  A Wolf Spider


Second, when diagnosing bites, most doctors aren’t entomologists and don’t differentiate big brown spiders from one another. Because there’s no antivenom for recluse bites, treating recluse bites is similar to treating non-venomous spider bites that have become infected – leading many doctors to confirm their original, erroneous diagnosis.

- Written by Alyssa Branca

Spider Traps are available.

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